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September 18-19 + September 20 Training Day
San Francisco Marriott Marquis

AI is moving fast. Get in front of what's next at Ray Summit 2023. Join the global Ray community in San Francisco for keynotes, Ray deep dives, lightning talks and more exploring the future of machine learning and scalable AI.


Last year’s hottest talks

Zero-copy model loading with Ray and PyTorch

Fred Reiss - Principal Research Staff Member, IBM Research
ML Infra + Apps

Multi-model composition with Ray Serve deployment graphs

Simon Mo - Software Engineer, Anyscale
Ray Deep Dives

Graphs at scale with Ray, for AI in Manufacturing

Paco Nathan - Managing Partner, Derwen, Inc.
Ray Use Cases


Level up your Ray skills through hands-on training sessions with the builders, makers and maintainers of Ray. Exclusive to Ray Summit attendees, we’re now offering a full day of sessions to keep you on the cutting edge of everything Ray. Space is limited — reserve your spot now!

Solving Real-World Problems with Reinforcement Learning and RLlib

Online inference pipelines and model serving with Ray serve

Overview of Ray and Ray AI Runtime

Ray core deep dive: API, architectures and best practices

Scalable time-series forecasting workloads with Ray

Scalable NLP workloads with Ray

Scalable Computer Vision workloads with Ray


Ray Summit is THE user conference for everyone passionate about the Ray Community, scalable AI and distributed computing. Get a glimpse of current and future applications from the world’s top minds, hone your Ray skills in hands-on training sessions, and build your professional connections.

Enhance Your Skills

Extend what you can do with Ray by attending hands-on, expert-led workshops and deep dives

Build Your Network

Mingle with the world’s top minds in distributed computing, machine learning, and AI

Get Involved

Learn what’s on the Ray roadmap and connect with the builders and maintainers of Ray and Ray libraries


If you were lucky enough to join us last year, you already know what an epic community bash we had at the San Francisco Exploratorium. We’re planning some amazing soirees this year that will allow ample opportunity to explore, play and celebrate with Ray fans from around the globe. Don’t miss the party!

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Don't wait for the conference to get the convo going. Join the Ray community now – ask a question in the forums, open a pull request or simply share why you’re excited. Create some buzz!

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