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Ray, Knative, and Running Serverless Workloads in the Cloud

September 18, 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM
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Serverless computing is a development model that lets developers build and run applications without having to manage servers. Two popular open source frameworks for running serverless workloads are Ray Serve and Knative Serving. Each framework takes a slightly different approach to serverless: Ray focuses primarily on serving machine learning models, whereas Knative focuses on building automatic HTTP services more generally. But despite these differences, there are many opportunities for both communities to learn from one another, which this talk will highlight.

Drawing on experience participating in both communities and building open technologies using both frameworks, this talk compares and contrasts the different approaches that Ray and Knative take to serverless. We also uncover best practices and lessons learned for serverless development as well as potential pitfalls and difficulties that serverless users should be aware of. Furthermore, we highlight key pillars for the next generation of serverless applications, including possible areas of collaboration between the Ray and Knative communities.

About Paul

Paul Schweigert is a senior software engineer at IBM currently working on open quantum technologies. He is a member of the TOC on the Knative project and has also contributed to various other areas across the Kubernetes ecosystem. He's also worked as a tech lead for various platform engineering and data science teams. In a previous life, he studied French history and played poker.

About Michael

Michael “Max” Maximilien is a distinguished engineer with IBM’s Open Quantum Technology division. Max leads all efforts related to open quantum and open serverless development and advocacy. Max is an avid photographer and cyclist. Max lives in the Bay Area in California. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @maximilien.

Paul Schweigert

Senior Software Engineer, IBM

Michael Maximilien

Distinguished Engineer, IBM
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