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KubeRay: A Ray cluster management solution on Kubernetes

September 18, 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM
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Managing Ray clusters and workloads on Kubernetes can be challenging. KubeRay provides an open-source toolkit to manage the lifecycle of Ray clusters and simplify the deployment process of Ray Applications on Kubernetes. In this talk, we will talk about:

  1. How KubeRay integrates with the Kubernetes ecosystem? (e.g. observability, ingress, prototyping, scheduling)

  2. What capabilities exist in KubeRay? (e.g. autoscaling, fault-tolerance, high-available serving deployment, batch job)

  3. Performance/Stability/Scalability benchmarks

About Kai-Hsun

Kai-Hsun Chen is a software engineer on KubeRay at Anyscale. He is a committer and PMC member in Apache Submarine. Additionally, he is an interdisciplinary researcher with publications span from electrical design automation, distributed computing, to system reliability.

About Archit

Archit Kulkarni is a software engineer at Anyscale working on Ray and KubeRay. Prior to Anyscale, he was a PhD student at UC Berkeley.

Kai-Hsun Chen

Software Engineer, Anyscale

Archit Kulkarni

Software Engineer, Anyscale
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