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How to simplify execution of cloud-native model training and validation with CodeFlare: A Hands-On Demo

September 19, 11:45 AM - 12:00 PM
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Join us for a hands-on demo of the CodeFlare-SDK, an open-source project that simplifies cloud-native data pre-processing, model training and validation with an intuitive Python interface to Ray, PyTorch/TorchX, and Kubernetes. With the CodeFlare-SDK, you can easily manage your cloud resources, submit jobs, and monitor job status, without worrying about the complexities of DevOps and cloud infrastructure. In this demo, Mustafa Eyceoz and Atin Sood will guide you through the CodeFlare-SDK workflow, from resource allocation to ML job submission and monitoring. You will see firsthand how easy it is to train large scale models (foundation models) in the cloud using the CodeFlare-SDK. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how CodeFlare can make cloud-native model training more accessible and manageable for developers.

About Mustafa

Presenting on behalf of the CodeFlare collaboration between IBM and Red Hat

About Atin

The IBM side of the talk, working alongside Red Hat in the CodeFlare collaboration

Mustafa Eyceoz

Software Engineer, Red Hat

Atin Sood

Program Manager - IBM Research, IBM
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