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Deploying Many Models Efficiently with Ray Serve

September 19, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Serving numerous models is essential today due to diverse business needs and various customized use-cases. However, this raises the challenge of how to efficiently deploy and manage these models while considering both ease of use and cost-effectiveness. This talk aims to provide a comprehensive insight into various patterns of serving many models using Ray Serve. We will delve into how 3 features in Ray Serve - model composition, multi-application, model multiplexing - enable seamless deployment of numerous models while optimizing resource utilization.


• Discuss common industry patterns for serving many models.

• Learn how to simplify management and enhance performance of many-model serving through Ray Serve's model composition, multi-application, and model multiplexing features.

• Deep dive into case studies of Ray Serve users running many-model applications in production.

About Sihan

Sihan is a software engineer at Anyscale, a contributor to the Ray Serve. Before joining Anyscale, he was the software engineer in Pinterest, working on ML inference service.

About Jon

Jon Park is a Principal ML Engineer at Clari, where he leads ML Platform. Previously, he worked as a Director of API Platform Engineering at TIBCO. He holds a BA in Computer Science and MBA from UC Berkeley, and Master of Computer Science in Data Science from UIUC.

About Cindy

Cindy Zhang is a software engineer focusing on Ray Serve and Ray infrastructure at Anyscale.

Sihan Wang

Software Engineer, Anyscale

Jon Park

Principal ML Engineer, Clari

Cindy Zhang

Software Engineer, Anyscale
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