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Last Mile Data Processing for ML Training using Ray

September 18, 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
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In this talk, we will discuss how Pinterest integrated Ray to streamline ML innovations. With Ray, ML engineers at Pinterest can scale the end-to-end ML lifecycle from data processing to model training all within a single Job, minimizing the need for a workflow framework and greatly enhancing the ML developer velocity.

We’ll visit how we integrated Ray with Pinterest’s in-house Kubernetes infrastructure, and how it supports business-critical use cases. Furthermore, we’ll share insights into the challenges faced, lessons learned, and the benefits Ray brings to our business.

About Chia-Wei

Chia-Wei Chen is a software engineer on Pinterest's Machine Learning Training Platform team. He works on building compute infrastructure for ML Training, Batch inference and Jupyter.

About Qingxian

Qingxian Lai is a software engineer on the Pinterest Machine Learning Data platform team. He has expertise in large-scale feature serving, and has been solving last-mile-data-processing problems with Ray.

About Raymond

Raymond Lee is a software engineer at Pinterest working on a large-scale distributed training system and building efficient ML Runtime. In the past, he has also worked on model serving for Generative AI and ML infrastructure for Visual Search.

Chia-Wei Chen

Software Engineer, Pinterest

Qingxian Lai

Software Engineer, Pinterest

Raymond Lee

Software Engineer, Pinterest
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