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Developing Ray Applications on Google Cloud TPUs

September 18, 12:15 PM - 12:30 PM
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TPUs (Tensor Processing Units) are Google's specialized chips for machine learning workloads which are available for access through GCP (Google Cloud Platform). In this discussion, we'll be providing an overview of how to develop applications using Ray on Cloud TPUs. Attendees should expect to gain an understanding of how to develop performant, large scale ML applications and increase their ML productivity using Ray on Cloud TPUs.

About Allen

Allen Wang is a Software Engineer at Google working on Cloud ML Compute Services. He is currently the TL for Ray on Cloud TPUs, aiming to bring the user-friendly and performant experience of Ray to Cloud TPU users.

About Alex

Alex Spiridonov is a Machine Learning Group Product Manager for Google Cloud AI Accelerators. Alex leads product development for Inference, ML Ecosystem integrations, and ML Frameworks (PyTorch, JAX, TensorFlow). Alex is passionate about making Google Cloud the best platform for AI and ML developers, researchers, and enthusiasts all over the world.

Allen Wang

Software Engineer, Google

Alex Spiridonov

Group Product Manager, Google
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