Building Next Generation AI Infrastructure on Ray

September 19, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Consumer-based internet companies are leading the charge of the current "AI trend" – bringing its power to the transportation, delivery, and social media apps we use everyday. The AI infrastructure teams behind these cutting-edge applications increasingly rely on Ray.

In this panel discussion, leaders of AI infrastructure teams at Uber, DoorDash, and Pinterest will share their insights on this topic. Learn from their experiences as we talk about the state of AI in their organizations, the challenges they face as they evolve, and the values Ray has brought about.

Moderated by Zhe Zhang, Head of Open Source Engineering, Anyscale

About Hien

Hien Luu is a Sr. Engineering Manager at DoorDash, leading the Machine Learning Platform team. He is particularly passionate about the intersection between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. He is the author of the Beginning Apache Spark 3 book. He has given presentations at various conferences such as Data+AI Summit, XAI 21 Summit, MLOps World, YOW Data!, appy(), QCon (SF,NY, London).

About Zhitao

Zhitao is a Principal Software Engineer / TLM currently leading Uber’s AI infrastructure. His team focuses on model training, inference and accelerator infrastructure. Priorly, he worked as a TLM in Google’s TensorFlow Extended(TFX) team focusing on end-to-end MLOps externally and internally to Google.

Before ML infra, Zhitao came from a Compute Infrastructure background. He was a member of the initial container team at Uber which introduced and productionized containers for all aspects of engineering, and also worked at Facebook’s early stage of service discovery, RPC and some ML systems.

About Se Won

Se Won Jang is the engineering manager of the ML Data Platform team at Pinterest. His team focuses on building large-scale infrastructure for producing, managing and distributing ML features and datasets at Pinterest. Before this role, he was the tech lead and founding engineer of the Pinterest ML Platform org.

About Zhe

Zhe is currently Head of Open Source Engineering ( project) at Anyscale. Before Anyscale, Zhe spent 4.5 years at LinkedIn where he managed the Hadoop/Spark infra team. Zhe has been working on open source for about 10 years; he's a committer and PMC member of the Apache Hadoop project, and a member of the Apache Software Foundation.

Hien Luu

Senior Engineering Manager, DoorDash

Zhitao Li

Principal Software Engineer/Tech Lead Manager, Uber

Se Won Jang

Engineering Manager, ML Data Platform, Pinterest

Zhe Zhang

Head of Open Source Engineering, Anyscale
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