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Perplexity AI: How We Built the World's Best LLM-Powered Search Engine in Six Months, With Less Than $4M Spent

September 19, 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM is the first of its kind LLM-powered answer engine that has established itself as the most accurate and useful research assistant for conversations and questions that require answers to be backed by facts and references. In this presentation, Aravind Srinivas, the founder and CEO, will go through the engineering challenges involved in getting there within the time and resource constraints and the opportunities that lie ahead in rethinking the most important software category of asking questions about anything and everything.

About Aravind

Aravind Srinivas is an Indian-American computer scientist, researcher, and programmer who is the Co-founder and CEO of Perplexity AI. He earned his Master's in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, in 2017. During his studies, he researched transfer learning, reinforcement learning (RL), and dynamic action repeats for hierarchical RL.

Before founding Perplexity AI, Srinivas interned at some of the finest AI institutions in North America. He left OpenAI in August 2022 and started Perplexity AI same month. The company's core product is an AI chat-based search engine that uses advanced artificial intelligence, such as GPT-3, to answer user queries. Srinivas co-founded Perplexity AI with Denis Yarats, a former Facebook AI research scientist and ML engineer at Quora, and Andy Konwinski, the co-founder of Databricks.

Aravind Srinivas is an accomplished entrepreneur and visionary leader with a deep passion for technology and a relentless pursuit of innovation. He has made significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Beyond his role at Perplexity AI, Aravind is a respected thought leader in the tech industry, frequently sharing his insights and expertise at conferences, seminars, and industry events.

Aravind Srinivas

Co-founder and CEO, Perplexity
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